Ridgewood receives ‘Superior’ inspection rating

Posted October 31, 2013 at 5:00 am

By Julie Ann Madden

It’s really rare a housing entity receives a “superior” rating from state Management & Occupancy Review (MOR) inspections, said Ridgewood Apartments Community Manager Sharon Frerichs to The Akron Hometowner.

Last year when Ridgewood Apartments received an “Above Average” MOR award, we were told that the State of Iowa distributes very few of that rating, she said.

“I was extremely excited to receive a ‘Superior’ rating,” said Frerichs.

On May 2, United States Department of Housing & Urban Development inspectors conducted Ridgewood’s review.

On that date the inspector visited Oakleaf Property Management offices in Sioux City and reviewed all of our residents’ paperwork, explained Frerichs. Following that they came to Ridgewood for the inspection. While here they looked for curb appeal, walked the exterior, plus visited all of the common areas as well as a vacant apartment plus three occupied units.

This week Ray Holbrook of Oakleaf Property Management delivered the plaque which recognizes Ridgewood Apartments’ staff for “outstanding performance.”

“This award is really a team effort,” said Frerichs, who attributes the success of the complex to all of the residents who call Ridgewood their home. “They keep their apartments clean and help each other when needed. Joanie Schneider keeps all of the common areas immaculate. Betty Meyer, the building host, assists in that endeavor and makes certain the building is secure, especially in the evenings. Arnie Bremer still completes some of the minor maintenance issues and Bernie Boetger decorates the common areas for each month. Arnie and Bernie make sure that the birds and squirrels are well fed each day.”

“Visitors frequently compliment the building on how inviting and clean the building appears,” she said.

In addition to this annual inspection, Ridgewood Apartments is subject to a Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) inspection every two to three years, said Frerichs, noting the higher the REAC inspection score rating, the less frequent on-site REAC inspections.

The apartments are handicap accessible and HUD subsidized.

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