MMC shocks A-W volleyball squad, 3-2

Posted November 7, 2013 at 10:35 pm

By Steve Peterson

The Lady Westerners were the victim of a Cinderella-like team, also known as the Marcus-Meriden-Cleghorn Eagles, who came to town with a 3-21 record but left with a trip to the regional semifinals in their future after a 3-2 win.

A-W started with a 25-18 win in the First Set. MMC won 25-20 in the Second Set and 25-23 in the Third Set for a 2-1 lead. A-W tied it at 2-2 with a 25-18 win in the Fourth Set and MMC then shocked the home team with a 15-11 win in the tie breaking Fifth Set Oct. 29.

A-W concluded its season at 11-10 overall record.

“It stung a little. We had our best practices of the season the week before and were expecting to come out and play well. MMC was a completely different team than the first time we played them. They blocked us well,” said A-W Co-Coach Inglish Hartwig.

A-W led the Eagles in kills, 36-28; in assists, 34-21; in good serves, 84-80 and in aced serves, 13-11. But MMC won in two areas that allowed the Eagles, who had downed Remsen- St. Mary’s in the first round to advance to Rock Rapids, with a 72-66 edge in digs and a 26-7 lead in total blocks.

Things looked good early on in the First Set for the home team, who were guests on the scoreboard. A-W took a 9-5 lead on two aces by Ann Hedlund. The lead reached 17-9 on two points from Dana Hedlund. Sarah Schroeder brought the home team to a 20-13 lead and Jordan Hansen gave the Lady Westerners a chance at set point and two Dana Hedlund points finished off the Eagles, 25-18.

It was a 7-7 deadlock early in the Second Set. MMC led 11-10, then it was a 13-13 tie. MMC took a 17-15 lead, increased it to 20-17 and stayed three points ahead before winning by five, 25-20 for a 1-1 tie.

A-W was down 9-2 in the Third Set but righted the ship for a 16-14 lead on a kill by Cali Westergard. Hansen gave A-W an 18-15 lead with two points serving. Ties were to be had at 19-19, 20-20, but MMC took a 21-20 lead en route to a 25-23 win and a 2-1 lead.

A-W faced elimination in the Fourth Set. MMC led 6-3 early but A-W gained a 9-9 tie with Dana Hedlund serving. A-W jumped to a 13-9 lead with Kortney Hedlund serving an ace and Bethany Eastman had a kill. A-W led 16-11 on a Westergard kill. The lead grew to 18-11 on two aces by Eastman. MMC cut the lead to 18-16 but the Lady Westerners regained a six-point lead, 23-17, on a kill by Westergard in a series that saw an ace by Kayla Tindall and Westergard won a net battle after a long volley. A-W won 25-18 as Hansen had set up set point with an ace.

It all came down to the Fifth Set.

MMC continued to block well with a 6-3 lead early. A-W gained a tie at 8-8 with Tindall serving. It was 9-9 after an MMC serving error. MMC then took a 10-9 lead but another error and it was a 10-10 tie. The match was there for the taking but the Eagles found the glass slipper with a 5-1 run to win it.

“We had a great season. The girls never gave up and had a great attitude,” said Hartwig.

Playing in their final matches for A-W last Tuesday were seniors Dana Hedlund, Hansen, Tindall, Schroeder and Eastman.

Co-Coaches Hartwig and Kami Kuhlmann closed their rookie seasons and were helped by Tamie Britt for A-W. The Lady Westerners did finish with a better-than .500 overall mark but had downed the Eagles 12 days earlier easily so the loss was a tough one.

Statistics for the winning Eagles, 4-21 record, who gained a spot against No. 4-ranked Class 1A Central Lyon Nov. 1, included Sarah Dreckman with 10 kills and 14 digs and 25-of-29 serving with three aces; Haley Moser had nine kills, 15 digs, 8-of-12 serving with one ace; Alison Meehan had five kills, 12 digs, 10-of-12 serving with two aces.

A-W Statistics

in the season finale

Westergard led with nine kills and had two total blocks.

Eastman had eight kills, two assists, five digs, one total block and four-of-four serving with two aces.

Hansen had four kills, led with 11 blocks, was 10-of-10 serving with one ace.

Ann Hedlund had four digs, 9-of-11 serving with three aces.

Dana Hedlund had one kill, 32 assists, 11 digs, one total block and 16-of-17 serving with five aces.

Kortney Hedlund had six kills, eight digs, one total block, 12-of-15 serving with one ace.

Desi Oltmanns had eight digs.

Schroeder had five kills, eight digs and 13-of-15 serving.

Tindall had three kills, three digs and 16-of-18 serving with one ace.

A-W 25-20-23-25-11

MMC 18-25-25-18-15

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