Akron Ambulance Service receives cardiac monitor

Posted December 5, 2013 at 6:00 am

By Julie Ann Madden

j Akron Ambulance Shelly Stockstad-Erickson with cardiac monitor.tif

Paramedic Shelly Stockstad-Erickson is ready to provide advanced life support care with this Life-Pak 12 Cardiac Monitor, which was purchased with county LOST funds.

A Plymouth County Local Option Sales Tax (LOST) grant benefits those with heart emergencies.

This year Siouxland Paramedics Inc. received $16,914 in county LOST dollars toward the purchase of a Life-Pak 12 cardiac monitor for the Akron Ambulance Service.

The Akron Ambulance Service was a “Basic Life Support” service and the goal was to become an Advanced Life Support ambulance service.

At the Basic level, community members could not receive the highest level of Emergency Medical Service’s pre-hospital cardiac care, said Siouxland Paramedics Inc. Paramedic Shelly Stockstad-Erickson.

“Providing Advanced Life Support care to the patients is of great benefit in the window of opportunity known as ‘door to balloon time,’” she said. “This is the time from the emergency scene to the cardiac procedure needed in a hospital emergency room.”

“With any cardiac event, time is of the essence,” said Stockstad-Erickson. “Having this cardiac monitor will potentially minimize the damage to a patient’s heart.”

“With the Life-Pak 12 cardiac monitor, it allows the paramedics with the Akron Ambulance Service to deliver more definitive care in an emergent situation to the people of Akron and surrounding rural areas,” she said.

“One of the capabilities of the Life-Pak 12 monitor is to create a heart rhythm analysis, which is then transmitted via wireless technology to the receiving cardiologist in the hospital emergency room before we even arrive,” she explained.

“The cardiac (surgery) team is ready to go when we arrive,” said Stockstad-Erickson. “The 26-mile drive time (to a Sioux City hospital) is not lost time for patients needing medical services.”

“The bottom line with the Life-Pak 12 cardiac monitor, the patients in the community of Akron and surrounding areas will receive advanced care, which equates to less permanent heart damage during a heart attack and overall greater patient survivability,” she said.

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