WS youth wrestlers fare well at tourneys

Posted December 18, 2013 at 10:23 pm

By Steve Peterson

West Sioux youth wrestlers competed in two recent tournaments with the following highlights.

Mark Van Oort is the head coach. The young Falcons practice at West Sioux Elementary School in Ireton.

WS at SB-L

At Sergeant Bluff-Luton, winning first places were Carter Liston, Kory Van Oort, Dillon Lynott, Jaydon Kots, and Carson Lynott.

Second places were won by Gibson Rens, Mikey Gazafy and Kolton Van Oort.

Third places were won by Chance Foster, Kaleb Schlup and Bode Wilkens.

WS at Sioux City East

Kory Van Oort was first.

Carter Liston, Seth Salker, Jayden Burt, Jose Rodriguez and Zac Finzen were second.

Mikey Gazafy, Ruben Rodriguez and Yair Topete were all third.

WS at Council Bluffs

Carson Lynott won first place and Dillon Lynott won second place.

WS at A-W – Dec. 15

First place winners were Jayden Burt, Ruben Rodriguez, Carson Lynott, Dillon Lynott, Kory Van Oort and Eddie Topete (who had an 11-second pin).

Second place winners were Liston, Drake Lynott, Kots, Tanner Lynott, Rens, Wilkens, Brady Lynott, Jakob Kramer, Avery Millikan, Kaleb Schlup, Chris Schmidt and Neddy Montes.

Third place winners included Aiden DeBoon, Drew Kramer, Hunter Doyle, Zac Finzen, Levi Koopmans, Alex Topete, Seth Salker, Jeshua Cervantes, Jose Rodriguez and Chase Koopmans.

Fourth place winners were Kolten Van Oort, Mikey Gazafy, RJ VerMulm, Dillon Cervantes, David Stock and Trevor Schuller.

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