Senior Spotlight

Posted December 19, 2013 at 7:52 pm


Trystan Hageman

by: Mariah Grimm

Trystan Joseph Hageman was born on January 12, 1996, in St. Luke’s hospital in Sioux City to Doug and Stephanie Hageman.

Trystan has four siblings: Lexi, Lynn, Heath, and Heidi.

Throughout high school, “TJ” has been involved in Speech, Jazz Choir, and bothering Mr. Jongeling in the shop room.

Trystan’s favorite pasttimes include taking his parents’ money to have fun, hanging out with friends after school hours, and third wheeling with Joel.

“TJ’s” favorite sport is football, and his favorite movie is Hot Rod.

His favorite musicians are Tim McGraw, Kenney Chesney, and Alan Jackson.

Trystan’s favorite saying is, “If ya ain’t first, you’re last.”

Trystan’s favorite childhood memory was with Daniel Dirks. They were heading down to the Dunham prairie exploring and Daniel decided to climb a tree. Trystan copied him, but the branch was not quite strong enough to hold him. “TJ” fell to the ground right to his back and the wind got knocked out of him. Daniel, irritated, got Trystan up and they left to go to Trystan’s grandma’s house. They were playing basketball and Daniel attempted to dunk but fell hard on his head. Daniel screamed all the way into the house.

When Trystan was younger he was obsessed with magic tricks and so he imaged himself as the next Chris Angel.

His most memorable moment was when he was three and his armoire fell on top of him and all he could do was yell and hope his mom would hear.

In eighth grade the boys thought it would be funny to “de-pants” Trystan at a football game. The whole student section laughed when they saw his undies, and for that reason, this is his most embarrassing moment.

Trystan’s favorite thing about high school is the bonds that you can create with teachers and students whom you wouldn’t expect to have.

His biggest regret in high school has been not trying his hardest his first two years. His other regret is plowing over Michelle Finzen playing basketball musical chairs during class competitions.

Trystan’s favorite class has been any class with Mr. Jongeling because Trystan has never laughed harder or had more fun in a class.

“TJ’s” advice to underclassmen is, “If you don’t work hard in the books, it’ll bite back harder than you expect — words of experience.”

Friends and family are Trystan’s inspiration because they have driven him to be all he can be.

The one moment Trystan would love to relieve would be the time where he had the best test score in Algebra, passing up Scotty Garrett, Sarah Schroeder, and even Hunter Armstrong.

His favorite achievement is making jazz choir this year.

His favorite excuse for not turning his homework in on time is that he was late to class, so he didn’t hear the assignment. His favorite excuse for being tardy is saying, “The bell rang a little bit early this time.”

After high school Trystan plans to get a bachelors degree at a four-year university. He is currently undecided about what field he would want to study.

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