Senior Spotlight

Posted January 16, 2014 at 6:00 am


Trevor Hanson

by: Eliza Kjar and

Bailey Matthews

Trevor Edward Hanson was born on January 7th, 1996 in the Saint Luke’s Hospital to Troy and Sarah Hansen. “Trev,” has one sister, a freshman, Jessica.

Throughout high school, he has been involved in wrestling and track. Trevor’s favorite past times are swimming, biking, and thinking about Camp Foster. His favorite sport is wrestling and his favorite movie is “The Amazing Spiderman.”

Trev’s favorite band is One Republic. His favorite childhood memory is going to Camp Foster. When he was younger, he always imaged himself as a counselor at Camp Foster. Although he hasn’t been a counselor yet, he has graduated from Camp Foster.

Trevor’s most embarrassing moment took place at this years Woodbury Central football game. “I was cheering and shouting out with 100% confidence in my abilities, the wrong words,” Trev told us.

While in high school, Trevor has been employed at Hy-Vee for two years. After high school, Trevor plans on attending SDSU where he will study psychology.

Trev’s favorite part about high school was being able to choose the classes he had chosen. His advice to the underclassmen, “Don’t ask to go to the bathroom in Johnson’s class.” Trevor’s dad has inspired him the most because it seems like he has everything figured out.

One moment Trevor would relive would be going to Camp Foster for the first time. His greatest high school achievement is being selected to be a team leader at Camp Foster.

Trevor’s favorite excuse for turning in homework is, “I forgot about it.” How original. Last but not least, Trevor’s best excuse for being tardy is, “My locker wouldn’t open.”

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