Westfield School building sold on eBay

Posted January 22, 2014 at 7:33 pm

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By Julie Ann Madden

According to eBay sold listings, at 6:15 p.m., Sunday, Jan. 19, the Westfield Community School building was sold.

The winning bidder, labeled as t***r, had bid $16,100. The person was one of eight bidders. Starting bid was $6,000 with 24 bids placed over the seven-day period on the eBay auction site.

As of Monday press time, current owner Mike Burke didn’t return The Akron Hometowner’s phone calls.

In July 2013, Westfield councilors began nuisance procedures against the property, located at 412 Linden St., as it has significantly deteriorated since its closure in 1981.

School History

The school was constructed in 1937. It had four levels. There was a subbasement in which the boiler room and coal room were located. The main part of the basement was occupied by the gymnasium-auditorium. Down a short flight of steps, on one side of the corridor, was a home economics room which also served as a hot lunch room. On the opposite side was a classroom which housed the Kindergarten. Adjacent to these rooms, on the south, was the boys’ combined locker room and lavatory, and on the north, the girls’ combined locker room and lavatory. Between the locker rooms was a janitor’s supply room.

The first floor was reached by a short flight of stairs from the front entrance. The first floor consisted of four large grade school rooms, each with a cloak room. There were also two classrooms, as well as a typing room and the superintendent’s office. This section became the school that housed the junior/senior high school.

In 1956, an addition to the school included bleacher seating to the gym. It also extended the lunchroom south with an addition of a kitchen for the hot lunch program. Also added was an east-west hall, connected to the building through the gymnasium and the lunch room. On the east end of the hall was a new music room.

The rest of the addition consisted of seven classrooms.

In 1970, a second addition was added to the west side of the 1936 building. It consisted of offices, a large industrial arts room, a band room and three classrooms. Metal lockers were placed in the halls. Four years later,

In 1979, a $1 million bond issue failed. This addition would have consisted of a new gym, science, home economics, locker and lunch rooms and was to be solar heated.

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