Cupid’s airborne arrow hits its mark

Posted February 14, 2014 at 4:12 am

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By Julie Ann Madden

His plan almost went awry — but Cupid stepped in to help.

Trent Ruhland of Akron had planned to propose to his girl, Nancy, during a helicopter ride around Mt. Rushmore in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

His mother, whose name is also Nancy, had secured the tickets for the helicopter ride, and Dave Sheveland, of Akron, had brought the ring to the family’s Sturgis, S.D., celebration so the future Mrs. Trent Ruhland wouldn’t find it.

But the female helicopter pilot was taking her tourist guiding skills too seriously and talking nonstop.

So, Cupid laced an arrow tipped with courage into Trent’s heart, causing him to interrupt the helicopter pilot’s oral stream of sites to view.

“I said I had a question,” said Trent, taking the momentary silence to ask his girl to marry him.

“I was speechless so I just nodded my head,” said Nancy, laughing because she’d even jokingly mentioned to her teaching colleagues before this trip this might be just such a romantic moment for Trent to propose.

The date was Aug. 3, 2012 when the two Morningside College alums became engaged.

Trent and Nancy both were majoring in elementary education at the college. Nancy was from Cherokee, a Class of 2007 graduate of Washington High School and Trent graduated with Akron-Westfield’s Class of 2005.

He was a college junior and she a sophomore when they met. Although they first met in one of their Elementary Teaching Methods classes, it wasn’t love at first sight, explained Nancy. At the time, they were both in relationships so they started out as acquaintances.

“My friends and I were invited to his house a few times by his roommate,” said Nancy. “My friends and I loved playing (XBox’s) Rock Band and Trent had it so we got together every so often to play it.”

“It was always fun,” she said. “We became better friends and when we were both single, we decided to go on a date and it led to where we are now.”

Their first date was to “Nightmare on Fourth Street” haunted house in Sioux City.

The two were married this past Oct. 26 at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Cherokee. His most special wedding moment was when she walked up the aisle, and Nancy’s was saying vows to her best friend.

Although they do get each other Valentine’s Day gifts, neither could remember what they received their first Valentine’s Day.

And this Friday, they plan to just relax, have dinner and watch a movie.

Both have bachelor’s degrees in Elementary Education. Trent works at Masaba Inc. in Vermillion, S.D., and Nancy is West Sioux’s high school Special Education teacher and Middle School volleyball and track coach.

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