Together 65 years this month

Posted February 14, 2014 at 4:13 am

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By Julie Ann Madden

When Cecil Horton went to visit his sister, he had no idea he’d meet his future wife.

His sister, Dorothy, was a teacher, and when the 18-year-old young man went to her school, he met 16-year-old Corriene Rosenbaum.

“We just started talking,” said Corriene about that day nearly seven decades ago.

It’s been too many years for them to recall what they liked about each other in those first days of courtship in 1947. On Feb. 24, they will celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary.

They enjoyed each other’s company. Cecil would pick up Corriene in his car and they would ride around Akron or go to Hawarden where she liked to shop.

The Hortons think their first date may have been to a drive-in type movie in Akron.

Cecil wanted to start farming and he wanted her for his wife so in 1948, he popped the question.

They were married by Rev. David J. Roy at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Akron. Her twin sister, Norriene, and his brother, Glen, were their witnesses.

Their first home was on a farm on County Road C-16, where they lived about six months before they moved to his family’s farm along Iowa Highway 3, about 3.5 miles east of Akron.

The Hortons farmed 160 acres of corn and soybeans and raised livestock, including milk cows, fat cattle, pigs and chickens.

“I never farmed without contouring,” said Cecil, adding he built the terraces on his farm himself.

Cecil started farming with a 41 H Farmall tractor but he’s most proud of his five John Deeres: a 1938 John Deere B; a 1975 John Deere 4230; a 1956 John Deere 50; a 1954 John Deere 60; and a 1970 John Deere 4000. He also loved riding his Tennessee Walker horses.

Although Corriene loved being a housewife, especially cooking, she was often found outside working along side Cecil, who loved her cakes and bars.

To those thinking of marriage, Cecil said, “Be good to one another and don’t cheat” and Corriene said, “Be honest.”

The Hortons raised five children: Debbie and her husband, Rick Beelner of Kingsley; Mark of Akron; Gary and his wife, Theresa of Akron; Joanie and her husband, Tom Schneider of Akron; and Jill and her husband, Al Madsen of Sioux Falls, S.D.

The Hortons have 11 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren and three more great-grandchildren on our the way.

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