Elementary Olympics Conclude

Posted March 6, 2014 at 6:00 am


by: Taylor Jaster,

student reporter

The Elementary Olympics were completed on Tuesday, February 25. The students in grades 3-5 were divided among 12 countries. The events competed in included basketball, hockey, curling/shuffle boarding, a Sochi slide, and a biathlon. The teams were awarded with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. In keeping with the Olympic theme, 1st place was awarded a Gold medal, 2nd place a silver medal, and 3rd place a bronze medal. The team with the most medals won.

The results were Israel took gold, Norway took silver, and South Korea took Bronze.

The students on the Israeli team were: Michael Swancutt, Andrew Silva, Katelyn Johnson, Alexa Swoyer, Alaina Wahlberg, Levi Small, Cameron Moore, Tori Nemesio, and Hailey Wilken.

The Norwegian team consisted of: Jacob Myers, Natalie Olson, Emma Robinson, Lauryn Saathoff, Tamara Decker, Landyn Vossberg, Landon Schuknecht, Cael Moffatt, Kailey Jackson, and Sadie Toben.

The South Korean team included: Tyson Fairbanks, Elijah Hoffer, Matthew Nielsen, Taryn Wilken, Madison Green, Jader Briggs, Justin Ford, Hailey Watkins, and Emma Noll.

Great job to Mr. Ludwig and all the students that participated.

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