AWHS Choir and Band Travel to St. Louis

Posted March 6, 2014 at 6:00 am

by: Eliza Kjar,

student reporter

On Thursday, March 27, the A-W band and choir will travel to St. Louis, Missouri. Over 100 students will be attending for a few days of fun activities and touring.

On the trip, students will be spending time at Union Station, the City Museum, St. Louis Science Center, the Holocaust Museum, and other locations.

The A-W Jazz Choir will sing several of their pieces right on the front steps of the Hard Rock Café and attend dinner there, as well. All students will enjoy the Broadway show, “We Will Rock You,” at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. On the final day of the trip, The Museum of Westward Expansion, the historic Old Courthouse, and the St. Louis Zoo will all be toured as well.

The students will arrive at Webster University where the A-W choir and band will participate in a private Master Class at the University and receive feedback from directors of the University. Before the night is over, everyone will depart for a Mississippi Dinner Cruise where they will enjoy a Dixieland Band. All will return on Sunday, March 30.

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