Ireton sets lot prices for West View Addition

Posted March 13, 2014 at 4:30 pm

By Julie Ann Madden

At a special noon meeting Monday, newly-appointed Ireton Mayor Jim Lewis conducted his first meeting.

Councilors Dennis Van Oort, Mel Schwiesow and Gary Holtrup unanimously approved setting prices for newly platted lots in West View Addition’s Second Phase.

After discussing whether to have five, six or seven lots along Sixth Street in this phase, Holtrup made the motion and Schwiesow seconded to set the prices as follows:

• If five lots, then the price is $50,000 per lot. The lot size would be 200 feet x 280 feet.

• If six lots, it’ll be $47,000, and the lots will measure 166 feet x 280 feet; and

• If seven lots, the price is $40,500 with the lots sized at 143 feet by 280 feet.

According to the plat, there will be a cul de sac at the west end of this Second Phase in the West View Subdivision.

Van Oort had reported the two interested parties were interested in smaller lots than the original four lots planned for this area. In addition, they were hoping for a cheaper price as they were concerned about the water costs for a sprinkling system on an acre-sized lot. One was interested in the farthest east lot and the other the farthest west lot.

Councilors noted the engineer estimated the city’s cost for utility and street infrastructure was about $56,740 per lot with five lots. The consensus was the price with the same 6 percent construction completion rebate was a much better deal than twelve smaller First Phase lots, which sold for $25,500.

It was noted construction will start May 1 on the first house in Phase I and at least one of these two parties would build in Phase II his summer.

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