Senior Spotlight

Posted March 13, 2014 at 4:52 pm

Baby-Alex Foley.jpeg

Alex Foley

By: Mariah Grimm & Katie Black

Alexander Joseph Foley was born on March 11, 1996, to David and Cindy Foley at St. Luke’s Hospital in Sioux City. He has two brothers, Dominick is older and Daytona is younger. Alex is employed at the Hole ‘N the Wall.

“Foley” has been involved in football, basketball, and golf throughout high school. His favorite sport is football. His favorite pastimes include golfing, hunting, and fishing.

Alex’s favorite movie is “Bad Grandpa” and his favorite musicians are Jason Aldean and 2 Chainz.

“Skeet Skeet!” is Alex’s favorite saying that he says on a daily basis.

His favorite childhood memory is when he got his first dirt bike.

When Alex was younger he imagined himself as an orthopedic surgeon.

His most memorable moment was his last football game and his most embarrassing moment was when he fell in a huge puddle on my way to the bus in third grade. If he could relive one moment of his life it would be his first deer hunt.

He will miss all the memories he has been making in high school with all his friends.

Alex really regrets not trying harder in classes throughout high school, and thus, his advice to underclassmen is, “Try your hardest in school even if you don’t think you need to.”

Alex’s mom has inspired him the most because she made him the person he is today.

“Foley’s” greatest achievement in high school was getting accepted into National Honor Society.

Alexander’s favorite reason for being tardy is that a big, scary freshman was trying to steal his lunch money.

Alex plans to attend Morningside for his general education and then transfer to dental school and finally finish up at an university that offers an orthodontist program.

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