Wind turbine’s standing still

Posted March 28, 2014 at 7:14 pm

By Julie Ann Madden

Since Akron-Westfield School District’s wind turbine “ran away,” talks with those interested in possibility purchasing it have come to a stand still.

Just as the wind turbine is once again standing silently still.

A few weeks ago, a mechanical malfunction caused the brake mechanisms to fail and the wind turbine’s blades began turning — but school officials had absolutely no control over the turbine’s operations for a period of time.When the wind died down, school officials were able to reset the brakes and it is now inoperable again.

There have been two parties interested in finding a solution to take the wind turbine off the school board’s hands; however, no agreements have been reached, according to A-W Shared Superintendent Randy Collins.

Wind turbine broker Joe Graham of Blue Sky Wind LLC still was interested in having an exclusive contract to try to market the wind turbine to a prospective buyer.

A second company, Tenderland Renewables LLC, was interested in taking the gear box to California where they could investigate its mechanisms in depth for up to a year. However, this may be a legal quagmire as to who pays for its shipping, what guarantee would the school district have for getting it back, and who would pay if the company’s engineers actually fixed it or if they take it apart and don’t put it back together?

These were just some of the questions and when school officials started talking legalities, Tenderland officials became poor at returning calls and responding to emails.

“I think we kind of scared them away,” said Collins.

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