Care Center administration changes Employee Handbook

Posted April 4, 2014 at 3:09 pm

By Julie Ann Madden

Over the next few months, employment policies at the Akron Care Center will be reviewed and revised where needed.

That is what Administrator Brandon Verros told the Board of Trustees at their March 18 meeting.

Verros plans to start with the Attendance Policy, which he described as “very lenient.”

The trustees have also been working to enforce the No Smoking policy as the new Care Center campus at 991 Hwy 3 is a smoke-free campus.

Employees had been leaving the campus during their paid breaks to smoke in their vehicles in the Akron Fire Station parking lot. However, smoking is also banned in that location as all municipal properties are smoke free locations.

In addition to the properties being smoke free locations, having employees still on the clock but not on campus could cause liability issues for the Akron Care Center Inc. Furthermore, if an emergency situation happened and some staff members were absent, it might affect patient care.

Therefore, the trustees voted unanimously that employees cannot leave the campus without clocking out first and then they must clock back in when they return to work.

“We’re not saying they may not smoke,” wrote Trustees President Brad Britton in an email presented in his absence. “They simply cannot leave the grounds unless clocked out.”

“For those that take their break and do not leave the facility, then they will continue to get their hourly wage as has always been,” concluded Britton. “It is their choice as to getting paid for the break or not.”

Verros was given two weeks to fully implement this new policy.

It was noted the trustees will continue to monitor the No Smoking policy.

• In other business, the trustees:

• Discussed the construction of a pergola in the courtyards and/or the use of canopies to provide shade for residents enjoying the outdoors.

• Learned when the facility is full, there is no room for Skilled Care patients. Verros suggested trustees consider designating one room as a Skilled Care Room.

There is a waiting list of people waiting for a (nursing home) room in the facility, and Verros reported he receives about 10 calls a week regarding room availability.

When a room becomes available, it can be filled within 24 hours but Verros does give perspective residents a few days to take care of personal matters.

No action was taken on Verros’ suggestion.

• Was informed the new video/sound system in the Great Room is functioning well. Residents not only enjoy Trinity Lutheran Church services but movies together; and

• Learned the Village North Apartments had two apartments rented out of the eight but by April 1, there will be seven open again. The vacant apartments are still used as a “motel” for community guests needing overnight lodging.

Village South needs some repairs and Schroeder Engineering has been consulted.

At the next meeting, the trustees will hold their annual election of officers and begin reviewing the Care Center’s bylaws.

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