A-W administrators get 4.15 percent raise

Posted April 10, 2014 at 5:00 am

By Steve Peterson

At a special meeting March 31, the Akron-Westfield School Board approved by unanimous votes contracts for Grades 7-12 Principal Derek Briggs; Grades Preschool-6 Principal Cathy Bobier and Business Manager Jodi Ryan.

The three administrators will each receive a 4.15 percent pay increase for 2014-2015.

For Briggs: his base salary will be $84,520 with a total of $98,533.20 plus $20,504 in insurance. The total district cost is of $119,037.20, a raise of $4,733.20.

For Bobier: her base salary will be $83,921; with a total of $97,835.25 plus $6,402 in insurance and $8,000 for a tax sheltered annuity of her choice. The total district cost is $112,237.25, a raise of $4,472.25.

For Ryan: her base salary will be $53.035 with a total salary cost of $61,828.16 plus $19,463 in insurance. The total district cost is $81,291.16.

The three administrators combined were paid $300,111 in FY 2014 and that will increase to $312,565.61 in FY 2015, a total of $12,454.61 increase.

School board members voted 6-0 to approve the A-W Classified Employee Early Retirement Program.

“We are meeting tonight so that we can pay for it from the Management Fund and not the General Fund, due to an April 1 deadline,” said Shared Superintendent Randy Collins of the retirement program.

Eligibility for Early Retirement is determined by employee:

• Has reached age 55 at the actual date of retirement;

• Has worked a minimum of the last 25 years at A-W and is actively and full-time employed during the last fiscal year prior to early retirement;

• Submits an application and notifies the Board as provided by this program no later than 4 p.m., March 31;

• Submits a resignation letter with the School District effective not later than June 30, 2013;

• Has not received a notice concerning termination of the employee’s contract, unless the notice is based upon reasons which are related to staff reduction;

• Works through the end of the 2013-2014 school year and effective not later than June 30, 2014, in accordance with the written resignation, unless an alternative date is agreed to between the Superintendent and eligible employee and approved by the school Board; and

• Has not previously received early retirement from the School District.

This Early Retirement program is implemented only after formal Board approval following administration recommendation.

Employees who are eligible may apply based on the administrator-recommended program document prior to formal board approval of the program with the understanding that no application is valid or will be considered unless or until the board formally adopts the program.

The employee may continue to participate in the district’s group health insurance program until age 65 or he or she dies. This program in no way guarantees that a participating employee will be provided any certain level of benefits during the time of the employee’s participation in the insurance benefits package of the early retirement program.

An eligible employee granted Early Retirement by the Board shall be entitled to the following benefits:

• Purchase of up to six years of IPERS credit;

• District provided single premium health insurance coverage (up to $500 per month, and only so long as the employee continues to participate in the District’s group health insurance. If the employee’s minimum premium is greater than the District provided single coverage amount, the employee will be responsible for timely payment of the remainder of the premium. Benefits under this paragraph will cease if the employee’s insurance coverage is terminated due to the employee’s failure to make required premium payments.

Cash payment amount based on the years of service of the applicant during the last school year, July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014, is as follows, 25 years of service and up, 30 percent of contracted salary as listed on the 2013-2014 contract, not including overtime; for cash payments will be given immediately following retirement.

Early Retirement Granted

One staffer, secretary Bridget Graves, was approved for Early Retirement as a classified staff member by a 6-0 board vote.

In other business, the board approved:

• Approved the Support Staff Salary schedule and applicable raises, with a $0.30 increase, for secretaries, aides, custodians and clerks, from $10 an hour in Step No. 1 to $14.20 in Step 15, plus an additional $1 an hour for the lead cook and lead custodian.

The FY 2013 salary schedule was from $9 an hour to $13.20 per hour.

All support staff will move to their appropriate step.

The bus drivers, transportation director, food service director and school nurse will receive a 4.15 increase in their salaries.

• Approved by unanimous vote a contract for the remainder of the 2013-2014 school year for teacher Randy Kroksh, whose resignation, effective at the end of the school year, was also approved. Kroksh will be paid $221.82 per day for the rest of the school year.

Jayln Havill of New Liberty, was hired to replace Kroksh as vocational agricultural instructor and FFA advisor for 2014-2015, but will begin some FFA duties this summer. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural education from Northwest Missouri State University’s agricultural education program and earned an Associate of Science degree in fertilizer marketing from Muscatine Community College in Muscatine.

• Approved, by unanimous vote, next year’s contracts for the following:

Shared Transportation Director Gerad Gradert, salary of $54,158; Shared Food Service Director Charlotte Anderson at a salary of $41,541; hired Holly Kutz, as school nurse, salary of $28,229.

In other personnel item:

Approved by a 6-0 vote a Letter of Assignment for Special Education Aide Annette Bosse for the remainder of the school year. Her pay will be $11.10 per hour.

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