News from Alcester-Hudson

Posted April 25, 2014 at 3:31 pm

by Tim Rhead

Elementary Principal, Alcester-Hudson

Superintendent, Alcester-Hudson School District

I hope everyone was able to have an enjoyable Easter. I was lucky enough to be treated to two Easter Dinners. We traveled to Estelline to have Easter Dinner on Saturday with my wife’s family. On Sunday, we had Easter Dinner with my side of the family. I suppose it has something to do with age but,I remember always looking forward to the Easter Egg Hunts that went with the dinners. Now once the meal is complete, I’m ready for a nap and not in the mood to be looking for eggs.

The weather has many people thinking about the end of the school year and summer. I remind the kids every day that it is not summer break just yet. However, after this weekend, I’m going to have to remind myself that it isn’t summer just yet. We continue to be short on moisture but I have to be optimistic and keep telling myself it will come.

On Thursday, we completed our last day of training on the CORE reading professional development. I’m very excited about the opportunities it is going to bring us next year. I know we will have many new faces at the elementary school but this professional development has me very excited. About half of the new teachers have already been using these techniques at their current schools. They will bring with them a wealth of information and will serve as great mentors for the other staff members. If you have seen next year’s calendar, you will notice we have added some professional development days into the schedule. These days will allow us to continue the work we have started this year along with implementation of other state mandates.

The track and golf teams were both able to get some competition in over the last couple of weeks. Both teams are improving as they head into the middle of their seasons. As with this time of the year, the school will become very busy for the next three to four weeks. We have many activities taking place in this time period. There should be something for everyone’s enjoyment from track and golf to concerts and student recognition events. Please plan on attending some of these events and cheering on the CUBS!!

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