Middle School Track Competes at Hinton

Posted May 15, 2014 at 5:00 am

by: Katie Black,

student reporter

Jennifer Ritz and Kammi Bishop placed 8th and 9th in the girls 100 meter dash. Shaylee Siebens placed 6th in the girls 200 meter dash. Saphire Berg placed 16th in the girls 100 meter hurdles. In the girls 200 meter hurdles Kammi Bishop placed 3rd. The girls part of the 4×100 meter relay were Kiana Appley, Shaylee Siebens, Sarah Ritz and Kammi Bishop. They placed 4th. Kora Davis and Michaela Arens placed 14th and 18th in the girls shot put. They also placed 6th and 16th in discus throw.

For the boys Ty Carl placed 3rd, Paul Knapp placed 5th, and Conner Anderson placed 8th, in the 100 meter dash. In the 200 meter dash Leighton Blake placed 4th, Skylar Otten placed 7th, and Brendan Kroksh placed 19th. Zach Leekley and Logan McMillan placed 15th and 18th in the boys 800 meter run. Paul Knapp, Cody Hillrichs, and Brendan Kroksh all placed in the 400 meter dash. Michael VanderMeulen placed 5th in the 100 meter hurdles and 8th in the 200 meter hurdles. The Akron-Westfield 4×100 meter relay placed 8th. This consisted of Reagan Frankle, Nicholas Jacobs, Leighton Blake, and Paul Knapp. In the 4×200 meter relay Brady Bergman, Conner Anderson, Ty Carl, and Cody Hillrichs placed 4th. There were two Akron-Westfield teams in the boys 800 sprint medley. Reagan Frankl, Leighton Blake, Nicholas Jacobs, and Paul Knapp were one team that placed 8th. The other team was Conner Anderson, Ty Carl, AJ Nemesio, and Cody Hillrichs. They placed 4th. Reagan Frankl placed 2nd in the boys long jump followed by Damien Ericson and Conner Anderson who placed 14th and 18th. Christian Wolthuizen received 3rd place in the boys shot put, along with Skylar Otten who received 4th. Juan Sanchez placed 3rd in the boys discus throw and Lee Minor placed 14th. Zach Leekley also placed 19th in the discus throw.

Overall, the middle school girl’s track team placed 8th and the boys team placed 6th.

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