A-W Class Officers Elected

Posted May 22, 2014 at 5:00 am

On Thursday, May 15, and Friday, May 16, class officers were elected for next year’s high school students.

The class officers for the 2014-15 senior class are President: Cali Westergard, Vice President: Ryleigh Schnell, Secretary: Ryan Foley, and Treasurer: Chandra DeRocher.

The class officers for the 2014-15 junior class are President: Tabi Banks, Vice President: Katie Johnson, Secretary: Becky Roberson, and Treasurer: Jackson Gereau.

The class officers for the 2014-15 sophomore class are President: Charlie Anderson, Vice President: Ben Ostermyer, Secretary: Nick Schnell, and Treasurer: Austin Allard.

The class officers for the 2014-15 freshmen class are President: Christian Wolthuizen, Vice President: Jordan Neubrand, Secretary: Brynn VanEldik, and Treasurer: Laken Mullinix.

The Student Body President election is scheduled for Monday, May 19. Running for SBP are (in alphabetical order) Hunter Armstrong, Tony Fountoulakis, and Cali Westergard.

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