Senior Spotlight

Posted May 22, 2014 at 5:00 am



by: Taylor Jaster

John Wolthuizen was born on March 1, 1996, in Orange City, Iowa, to Jeff and Lisa Wolthuizen.

John goes by John, or his nickname “Red Blur.”

The Red Blur has three siblings: Jesa, Ben, and Christian.

Three of John’s high school activities are football, track and choir. His favorite pastimes are hunting, fishing, and being outside. John’s favorite sport is football and his favorite movie is “Remember the Titans.”

His favorite musicians are George Strait, Jason Aldean, and Luke Bryan.

Red Blur’s favorite saying is “I will show you how great I am.”

John’s favorite memories are playing football with his brother and playing with Sarah, Dana, and Kayla after school.

When he was younger he imagined himself as a fireman.

His most memorable moment was the Hinton game during his junior year.

John’s most embarrassing moment was getting puked on in the speech show.

Red Blur is currently employed at The Hole N’ The Wall Lodge.

John’s plans after high school are to go to college and get a degree and then get a job.

His favorite part about being in high school was being with his friends and having someone to do his laundry.

To John, his dad inspired him the most. If he could relive one moment it would be his football seasons.

His favorite excuse for being late is “I’m not late, the bell rang early.”

His biggest regret about high school was not joining FFA.

John’s favorite class was Ag Management, because he learned a lot and had fun doing it.

The advice he would give to underclassmen is “Don’t take things too seriously. It is not as big of a deal as you think it is!”

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