Sioux County’s unofficial election results

Posted June 12, 2014 at 5:00 am

By Steve Peterson

Sioux County’s unofficial election results from the June 3 primary election are as follows, with the county supervisors voting to canvas the results June 10:


State Rep. District No. 4: Dwayne Alons, 2377 votes, write in, three.

U.S. House of Representatives District No. 4: Steve King, 2,635 votes, write-ins, 14.

Governor: Terry Branstad, incumbent, 2,616 votes; Tom Hoefling, 270; write-in, one.

Secretary of State: Paul D. Pate, 2,185 votes, write-in, one.

State House of Representatives District No. 3: Dan Huseman, 177 votes, write-in, one.

County Treasurer: Randall Jacobsma, 2,456 votes; write-in, five votes.

Supervisor District No. 2: Arlyn Kleinwolterink, incumbent, 487 votes; Terry Muilenburg, 292 votes, write-in, one vote.

County Board District No, 5: Dennis Wright, 566 votes; write-in, four votes.

County Attorney: Tom Knustle, incumbent, 2,237 votes, write-in, 18 votes.

County Recorder, Anita Van Briggen, 2,499 votes; write-in, six votes.


U.S. House of Representatives: Jim Mowrer. 47 votes.

Governor: Jack Hatch, 48 votes.

Treasurer of State: Michael Fitzgerald, 47 votes.

Auditor of State: Jordan Neillerbach, 47 votes.

Secretary of State: Brad Anderson, 49 votes.

Attorney General: Tom Miller, 48 votes.

U.S. Senate: Bruce Braley, 51 votes.

State Representative District No. 3: Greg Fritzche, six votes.

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