Alcester Drug: Everything the same except the name

Posted June 20, 2014 at 10:30 pm

By Julie Ann Madden

A law change by the South Dakota Board of Pharmacy has affected a store in Alcester.

“(They) have a new policy that we can no longer use the word ‘drug,’ ‘pharmacy’ or anything related to a pharmacy in our name,” explained Alcester Drug Manager Laura Frerichs. “Since we don’t have a pharmacist on staff here in this building, we can’t go by that name any longer.”

Therefore, Alcester Drug’s name was changed to “Your Daily Dose,” she said, adding the name change was effective June 11.

The new name was discovered on a pharmacy-coffee shop business in Harrisburg, S.D. by Steve Miller, of Alcester.

“We remembered the name,” said Frerichs, explaining Anderson called the Harrisburg owners and received permission to use the name as their business had closed.

“It kind of sums up the coffee we have, the gifts — you need a dose of gifts, of medicine,” said Frerichs. “It’s kind of a fun play on words to explain what we do.”

“We still have the prescriptions here,” said Frerichs. “We still have gift items and we still have over-the-counter products (like Tylenol).”

Since 2000 when Arne Anderson, of Canton, S.D., purchased the business, all prescriptions are filled at his other business, Haisch Pharmacy in Canton. The prescriptions are delivered daily at noon and 4:30 p.m., to Your Daily Dose.

Your Daily Dose’s hours will remain the same: 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 Saturday.

Frerichs will continue as manager as she told The Akron Hometowner, she’s a “lifer.”

She began working at the drug store when she was a high school freshman under the ownership of Bud and Donna Pederson. She continued after Anderson purchased it and was promoted to manager two years ago.

The rest of the staff are Ashley Hanzlik, Sharon Miller, Terri and Karlee Nygard, Marydell Ronning and Cindy Sailor.

“Everything’s just remaining the same — we just get a new name,” said Frerichs. “Personally I think change is excellent. It’s always fun to change things up and keep people on their toes expecting different things.”

Its Specialties

“Although the name is changing, our commitment to providing a wide variety of merchandise and services to the Alcester community will continue,” said Owner Arne Anderson of Canton, S.D., “and we will continue to be a prescription pick-up and drop-off location.”

“We will continue to look for new and exciting products and services we can offer the community and will continue to support the many groups and organizations that need help with donations and fundraisers,’ he added.

One of Your Daily Dose’s specialties is the Coffee Corner, which is really a coffee shop tucked into a corner of the drug store.

This coffee shop was added 2.5 years ago and features “Flavor of the Day” and “Frappe Fridays.” In addition to frappes, there are lattes, steamers, smoothies, hot chocolate, Italian sodas, and cans of pop. Plus, treats such as cookies, English muffins, bagels and biscotti available.

The coffee crowd begins arriving about 9 a.m. and people stop in off and on throughout the day.

Recently, they added “Local Favorites” selections which are beverages named after people who created them.

There are the Steve And Rudy, which is a white chocolate caramel latte with whipped cream on top and a caramel drizzle; the “Amber the Quad,” an iced drink with its four shots of expresso and mocha; and “The Cindy P,” a chocolate coke which tastes like Tootsie Rolls.

“Or if you are really brave, try ‘The Deb,” where the customers get whatever the server feels like making them,” said Frerichs.

“The Coffee Corner has been really great for the store,” she said. “You may not be coming in looking for a cup of coffee but when you find it, you look around while you wait.”

“You find something really cute,” said Frerichs. “A great gift, a cute purse, a fun piece of jewelry.”

One thing The Akron Hometowner spotted was Swedish dishcloths.

In gifts, Your Daily Dose has everything from your cheap little gift that you pick up to say ‘Thank You,’” she said. “We have purses, scarves, jewelry, luggage, Willow Tree, collegiate and NFL items.”

Recently, clothes for women and young adults were added to the selections, she said. “We have baby items, wedding merchandise, greeting cards, seasonal items for Christmas, spring, summer and fall. “Just that little quirky gift item that you can’t find at a Wal-Mart.”

“A lot of people say they come here looking for that thing that’s out of the ordinary,” said Frerichs, adding there are Russell Stover candies, Christian items, all sorts of home decor and memorial gifts for honoring lost loved ones such as frames, stepping stones and pictures.

Another special feature is the digital photo machine which allows customers to print 4” x 6”, 5” x 7”, 8” x 10” and wallet-sized photographs, greeting cards, photo collages and invitations as well as download photos from Facebook or scan photos and print them or save them to compact discs.

“It prints photographs as you wait so you don’t have to come back,” said Frerichs.

Not only is Your Daily Dose a unique shopping experience and prescription pick-up point, “it’s a good place to fellowship,” said Frerichs. “A fun place to meet new people.”

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