Hawarden Foundation awards over $53,000

Posted June 25, 2014 at 9:09 pm

By Steve Peterson

The Hawarden Community Foundation (HCF), an affiliate of the Siouxland Community Foundation, awarded grants totaling $53,548 at a giving event held June 19 at the Hawarden Community Center.

This brings the total community support to $584,941 to date since the HCF’s inception in 1994.

In addition to the grant awards, Ric Porter, Hawarden Community Foundation Board Chair, announced a $25,000 matching grant for $1:$1 matching funds for new contributions for Hawarden Regional Healthcare’s capitol campaign to keep health care close to home.

“It’s a very exciting time for the hospital,” said Hawarden Regional Healthcare CEO Jayson Pullman.

“The Hawarden Community Foundation has demonstrated that Charles Horton had a great idea in planting the first seeds of giving to start a local foundation for the benefit of our community now and for the generations to come,” said Porter.

Horton created a vehicle for current and former residents of Hawarden to give back to their community. Since then, memorials and another estate gift have grown the endowment to more than $1.3 million. All gifts to the HCF are carefully invested by the Siouxland Community Foundation and only the earnings from Hawarden’s endowment are used to make grants to public charities that best meet local community needs.

The 2014 grants have been awarded to the following in groups, whose representatives accepted the funds last Thursday:

Civic and Community

• Big Sioux River Valley Historical Society, $10,200, funding provided for replacement of deteriorating shingles at the Hawarden Historical House and replace with new wood shingles.

• Sioux County Conservation Board, $9,000, to the installation of a new playground structure at the Big Sioux Recreation Area campsite.

• Hawarden Community Ambulance, $7,765, to replace the current defibrillator and purchase a recertified defibrillator unit and accessories.

• West Sioux Community School District, $5,000, grant funding for the Hawarden Community Garden for Hawarden residents to use.


• Hawarden Public Library, three separate projects, $3,000, for a community outreach program for all ages that will entertain, challenge the mind and provide thought-provoking conversations; $1,750 for providing funds to set up a collection of eBooks to increase access to new titles and best sellers to appeal to the reading interests of the Hawarden Public Library users; and, for $1,330, to replace 20-year-old meeting room tables for public use.

• West Sioux Elementary School in Hawarden, $1,000, to support the Positive Behavior Support (PBS) program used in addressing behavior expectations at the Hawarden elementary school.

Human Services

• Hawarden Supper Committee, $6,700, funding to purchase food items and provide a warm monthly meal and supplemental food supplies for Hawarden residents.

• Hawarden Senior Center, $4,214, to provide funds for replacement of a 35-year-old convection oven with a new energy efficient oven.

• Rotary Club of Rock Valley Foundation Inc., $1,727, for the Rock Valley Foster Grandparent Program that allows senior citizens to remain financially and emotionally healthy while helping children reach their full potential. Four Hawarden Community Foster Grandparents will volunteer mentoring about 80 children in West Sioux Elementary, Head Start Center, and Wee Care. Funds will be used to reimburse volunteers for travel expenses.

• Rotary Club of Rock Valley Foundation, Inc, $1,862 to be used to reimburse Senior Companion volunteers for client-related transportation to doctor’s appointments, getting groceries, or running errands,etc. Four Senior Companion volunteers provide assisted transportation at no cost to clients in Hawarden.

The mission of HCF is to enhance the quality of life, promote unity, and develop community pride now and in the future by partnering with the Hawarden community to identify and prioritize community needs, attract and distribute funds, support volunteerism, and challenge personal involvement and commitment.

Visit www.siouxlandcommunityfoundation.org/hawarden.aspx to learn more about the Hawarden Community Foundation.

Porter told the audience that the first ideas of HCF came on Sept. 27, 1998, with $800,000 from the late Charles Horton estate fund. “After the deaths of Charles and Edna Horton it was decided that a remainder of their estate would go toward that fund, providing a permanent endowment to support social, economic, cultural needs of the community. Charles made it very clear in his will, that it would not go to completely fund community betterment projects, but to challenge and encourage other funding sources. Charles was born in Hawarden in 1903, he graduated from Hawarden schools, and graduated from the University of Iowa,” said Porter.

Hawarden Foundation awards over $53,000

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